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Welcome Come on In!

So at my new house in Cuenca Ecuador I have two doors that go to the outside.  A front door and a slider to the yard where Daisy and Remington my two, big, dogs go in and out many many times during the day.

In the shipping container, I have a fairly good size entry mat that I had bought specifically for the front door.  However for the back door I didn’t have anything coming and in the meantime, as in NOW my dogs are making a mess of the floor.

So, I need a doormat.  Easy enough.

Off to the SuperKywi, which is like a big Ace Hardware.  Nope.  Well, yes they had doormats.  Crappy, crappy doormats.  You know the thin cheap plasticy kind, and these were all ready ripping.  So, no.

Next stop, Coral.  Ecuador’s version of Walmart.  Hmmm, these were even worse than the SuperKywi ones.  Here though they had both those cheap plasticky things and they had the cheap fuzzy rubber kind.  Yuck and No.  Maybe in the fabric department they might have something by the yard.  Nope not that either.

Next, Sukasa, a higher end house goods store like a small Bed Bath and Beyond.  They have door mats – the same quality as the other two stores but at almost 3 times the price.  I am striking out. 

Sigh.  Big sigh.  I mean really how hard can it be to find a doormat?

I tried Boyaca, another house goods store, the Rotary which is a local artisan mercado which typically has house type things, and another 5 or so small mom and pop stores.

Nothing  Nada.  Zilch.

By chance a taxi driver says try SuperStock.  Ok, great!  Off to SuperStock I go.

SuperStock is sort of like a Big Lots with groceries.  They always have different stuff because they buy random stuff, closeouts etc.  They sell it all at full price, so not like Big Lots.  Still they often have a decent quality in the merchandise.

And what’s that?  A doormat!  A pretty, colorful doormat.  And is says:  Bienvenidos!  Welcome in Spanish.  Perfect.

$15.  Done.

Woohoo!  I found a doormat.

I know its a little thing – but this door mat brought me the insanely happies!

I was so happy when I got it home, took the tags off and very happily put it at my back door

Daisy and Remington gave it a good sniff, tried walking on it, and accepted it with no issues.  Yay – at least a little protection against those big feet dragging in dirt!

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So, what’s a girl to do – I get a glass of the kombucha I had made and sit on my patio admiring my new doormat.  What else?

As I am sitting there, it dawns on me that Beinvenidos is not what my doormat says.

It says Bemvindo.

Remember, I mentioned that SuperStock gets closeouts?  Well apparently they also get seconds.  And I have just bought a doormat at full price that says some sort of unintelligible something.

This makes me laugh.  I laugh so hard I cried.  I bought a Spanish mangled doormat – pretty fitting for a girl who can’t speak 10 words of Spanish and definitively not in a row!

Actually it’s Welcome in Portuguese – but I am in Ecuador.  And this I find ironic too as Portugal was my first choice of countries to think about moving too.  It’s a small world with so many curious happenings, yes?

So, I call it my Green-Go Doormat.  I still love it.  The colors are perfect.  It brings me a smile and a little chuckle every time I go in and out of that door.

Sometimes our mistakes turn out to be big wins.  This mistake I am happy I made and it brings me joy.  So in that it wasn’t a mistake at all!

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