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The alarm goes off.  You stumble out of bed.  Somehow managing to GET out of bed without hitting the snooze button so many times that the alarm just stops and you go back to sleep. 



Late to work again!



You somehow manage to get coffee in the mug and get in your car and now you get to sit in traffic on your way to that J-O-B you just LOVE!!!!!



When you are really dreaming of sipping Pina Colada’s on the beach and working from your laptop……



Who are you kidding?



You’d be so happy if you could just be sitting at your dining room table working so you can be home when the kid’s get off the bus.  Right?



So how do you do that?



How do you create an income with your laptop?



Like many things – there are many ways to do it.



The easiest thing for many people to start is Affiliate Marketing.





No inventory, no products to create, nothing to produce, no people to have to talk to, no customer support and once it’s set up and running you can make money while you sleep, or while you are out playing with the kids.



Oooohhhh….Passive Income!  Sign Me Up!



It does sound good, doesn’t it?



So what’s the catch?






There isn’t one and there is one – it just depends



Hang in there with me.  Let’s look at what affiliate marketing IS, types of affiliate marketing and some of the ways to DO affiliate marketing.



Understanding affiliate marketing is the first step in being able to decide if this is right for you or not



In a nutshell Affiliate Marketing is referral based sales.  You don’t need to create a product or service – you offer what someone else has created and then you get paid when someone buys or subscribes.  It’s basically a referral based commission.



Affiliate Marketing is done in many ways:


  •  banner and display ads on websites / blogs
  • videos (like YouTube) with a link below them
  • articles on blogs with links in them
  • podcasts with links
  • a post on social media with a link (FaceBook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, etc)
  • email – your own list or paid lists (Solo Ads/Shared list posts etc)
  • ads on social media, search engines etc



Basically any way or place that you can get your link in front of someone so they may click it and go to your page – and sign up or buy



Most vendors (the people who have created what you will sell) provide you with an opt in page and the sales pages, shopping cart etc – so you don’t have to create anything yourself



BUT – and this is a big BUT – this is exactly where you have to be careful when you are starting out (and moving forward)



In most cases when you use the vendor’s opt in page that means THEY get to keep the email/contact and that builds THEIR list not yours.  



So in that case you would have driven the traffic and then you have nothing to show for it unless they buy – and most don’t.  Most buy later once they are on a list and or have seen something several times.  Although buying is largely an emotional choice – the reality is most people need to be exposed to something 7+ times before they actually buy it.



So yes it’s easier to get started BUT not necessarily the best thing either



Hmmm, so then what do you do?



In the beginning – and really always – it is best to either do the opt in yourself and build an email list – then make the offers to your list so that you still have that contact even if they do an opt in with a vendor (which you want them to do or there are no sales, right?), OR you find an offer that when the new person opts in YOU get to keep the email/contact



AND where that person gets cookied to YOU for the life of them being on that vendor’s list too = that means that contact is tracked back to you and if they ever do buy something then you will get the commission for it even if its a month or six down the road.



Then the next thing is how to get people to see what you are offering – the traffic.  This also can be done in many ways.


  • post on social media and hope people like you and what you are posting enough that they will reach out to you and ask
  • run paid ads and hope people click on them and get to you
  • ask your friends and family to help you get the word out
  • buy solo ads (where you pay someone who has an email list to send their list your offer)
  • buy leads
  • go out in public and talk with people/do meet ups/go to trade shows etc (this works better if you are serviced based) but can work if you are online based too
  • put ads in newspapers, and other print or online publications
  • answer questions on forums, and give reviews on blog posts etc




All of these work – the friends and family not so much especially if you want to keep good relations (I don’t recommend this method) – BUT those methods can also be really expensive and most definitely time consuming.  It’s hard to do the majority of these things especially when you are still working.



My first 10,000 people that I got on my email list came almost exclusively from solo ads and it cost a LOT (more than $13,000).  I also got some from opt ins I offered on my Facebook profile banner (a few hundred), and I have gotten a fair amount from pins I posted on Pinterest (800 ish).  



Solo ads are in many cases the fastest way to get people onto your list BUT this can be really expensive. 



Attraction Marketing (getting people to reach out to you) / Social Media works – but its slow and time consuming.  Yes you should do this – but don’t expect that doing this is going to net you a bunch of sales in a short period of time.  It WILL pay off down the road a bit  



Paid ads on social media sometimes work and sometimes don’t – like all things – creating converting ads and getting your ads seen by the right people is doable – and it’s a skill that requires trial and error and that means MONEY to be able to try.  Or if you have the funds you can pay someone who already knows how to do it for you.  On Facebook you can start running ads for a small amount like $5.  But don’t think you are going to get hundreds of people flocking to you because you spent $5…….



ohmygawd but wait – I said this was the best way to get started and here I am telling you why it’s hard and expensive ????



yup – it’s hard – and it’s easy too



It depends on HOW you do it



Before you can choose how perhaps it’s best to know what it’s all about, yes?



In these posts you can read about 3 different methods of doing Affiliate Marketing and get an understanding on How to get traafic:  



Do It Yourself Affiliate Marketing – These Are The tools You Need To Get Started 


Are You Banging Your Head Trying To Figure it Out?  Try Do It Yourself Lite Affiliate Marketing It’s MUCH Easier!


Does Starting an Affiliate Marketing Business Seem Confusing?  Start With a Done For You System to Massively Simplify The Process


How To Promote Your Affiliate Links – Understanding Traffic Sources




The methods in these posts look at ways that will allow YOU to keep the leads and build your email list, have opt ins, and have offers where you earn commissions by affiliate sales and you will get an understanding of how Traffic to these offers is created.  In understanding these 3 methods and the basics of how to get Traffic you can decide if you want to have a system that allows you to learn as you go so you can scale and grow your business as you make money and can afford to OR if you want to bite the bullet dive right in and build out a system from scratch (which requires money upfront and monthly to do). 



Are these the only ways ?  Nope.  There are as many ways to do this as you can think of



These are just a few ways that I believe are easy and user friendly that will show you HOW this works and what is needed to get it to work – and I know they work because I have (and still do) use these types of systems



I wish I had learned these methods myself much earlier because it would have saved me a ton of time, money, frustration and I would have made money soooo much faster



And that’s the goal right?  To help you find the right vehicle, that makes sense – for YOU – so that you can create the life you want


Understanding affiliate marketing, different ways to do it, and HOW to do it will save you time and money in getting really clear before you start subscribing to services, buying courses and all the other tempting things to do in the want to get started 



Another thing to consider is the offer itself – the what you will sell.  



Now the thing with affiliate marketing is that affiliate marketing is affiliate marketing BUT it’s not all the same either.






Let me explain.  



If you go on a platform like Pinterest you will see thousands of Pins promising to show you how you can make money with affiliate marketing – mostly in context to a blog – and in that mostly in context to a Lifestyle type of blog.  These people are primarily doing RETAIL based, and sometimes promoting other blogger’s courses and eBooks.  Think Amazon, Target, Etsy, Nordstrom or other actual ‘stores’.  eBooks and courses that are $7 to maybe a couple hundred dollars and that are geared toward other (mostly women) who also want to do a blog etc.



Nothing wrong with that and yes you can make money with it.



BUT – the thing is you will have to sell a LOT of stuff to make money this way.  Because most retail stores are somewhere between 1-10%.  Yes there are some that are 10-20% and a very few that are higher.  These stores usually have pretty short cookies and you don’t get a Lifetime cookie like ever.  And let’s face it – how many people do you think you will refer that are going to spend big money so you can make a big commission?  



This type of affiliate marketing is in my opinion what should be considered Supplemental Affiliate Marketing.  Not your main focus.  



So do the math on this – how many things do you have to sell at 10% to make enough money to leave you feeling like WOOHOO we are in the money now! ????






Or how many eBooks and courses that will be at 10-50% do you need to sell when the price point is at $7-300 ish ???



Yes, some will be higher and most will be at a lower commission level.



Not looking as promising as it did?



Don’t fret – there’s another type of affiliate marketing – it’s still affiliate marketing – but this is what Online Marketer’s think of as affiliate marketing – Digital Products and Courses that are sold usually at a higher price point and at a higher level of commission.



Think $300 to a couple thousand at 50-75% commission. 



Hmmmm…..does the math on that sound better?  Even lower priced things at the higher commission level add up a lot faster.



Another important and often not talked about way to make money with affiliate marketing is with RECURRING commissions.  This is where you sell something with a monthly payment and you get a commission EVERY MONTH.  A subscription to something – usually a service



The service may be $30-100 a month and you may get 30-50% commission.  Not a lot on a per sale basis – BUT get 100 people and that amount starts adding up – and it’s EVERY month!



That’s income you can count on!



Hmmmm…..does the math on that sound better?



So how do you decide which to do ?



The best advice I would give you is YES – do them all.  Layers of price points and a variety of things is good. 




One time payment things that are at a higher amount make for a nice boost in your monthly income and developing a steady stream of monthly recurring from (usually) lower priced things add up quick and become income you can pretty much count on



When you develop recurring payments then you don’t have to run as much NEW traffic to offers to constantly make a monthly paycheck



The best of both worlds is promoting programs that offer BOTH a one time payout AND the possibility of that same person ALSO buying/subscribing to things that have recurring payments that are used to DO those programs/recommended from inside these programs



Another thing to consider is where are you in the process of building your business?  



This goes hand in hand with one time and recurring – for instance if you want to earn 10k a month and you are newer and have not yet built up a recurring income source then you need to drive traffic to one time offers AND things that have recurring – and you will need to send more to the one time payouts to earn that 10k than you will later in your business when you have already built a recurring stream of income



The next thing to consider is HOW are you going to build your business?



Here are a few things to take into consideration to help you define that:



* are you going to build a list and market to those people?


* are you always marketing to cold traffic (not on your list)?


* are you going to market evergreen products (a mix of products and services that work for the long game)


* are you going to launch jack and promote the constant NEW best thing that you must get today! type of things?


* are you going to launch your own products?


* where are your payouts coming from and what is the payment schedule (weekly, monthly, quarterly etc)



This goes hand in hand with HOW as well – in what way are you going to market?



* will you be helpful and approach things from a how may I help way?


* will you be a this-is-a-must-get-today! type of marketer?


* will you be anonymous and simply do ads to target markets?



Are you doing email only, ads only, a blog, or a combination, or?



In all reality you CAN make money by selling ONE product/service OR you can make money selling a different product every day.  You can make money selling high end, and low end price points and any combination of



HOW you want to build your business, and what type of business you want to build is going to need to be addressed in equal proportion to how many products and at what price



So the real question to ask yourself is not how many things do you need to offer and at what price point? 



Instead ask yourself what type of business, what type of payments, how do you want to DO that etc – the answers to these questions will help you figure out how many and what types of products you should be offering and HOW you want to do affiliate marketing



It’s a lot to consider.  



You will save yourself a LOT of time, frustration and money when you give this some thought BEFORE you pull out your credit card and buy a course or subscribe to anything!



It’s not that hard to make money online.  



You just need to take one action step at a time – in a direction that works for YOU



What type of Affiliate Marketing appeals to you?



Let me know in the comments below and let’s chat about it 🙂


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