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The shipping container is here today! The perfect start of the New Year!!!! 

It’s been a what seems like ohmygawd foreevveerr wait!  The shipping container arrived in Guayaquil almost a month ago!

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But it’s here today and its just like Christmas but better.  It’s like my whole physical life just showed up and this means I don’t have to sit on the floor or those really uncomfortable outside patio furniture things I bought in the meantime.  Woohoo!!!

I am chomping at the bit to start unpacking everything! 

The shipping container left the Port of Guayaquil yesterday and the driver had to overnight somewhere between there and here in Cuenca.  It’s about 3-4 hours drive assuming he didn’t hit any road construction, landslides or random livestock in the road. 

At any rate there has already been phone confirmation this morning that the truck will be here.  Oooohhhh I am so happy 🙂

It should be mentioned that the transport of the shipping container from Guayaquil to Cuenca, and the people who will be at my house today to unload it were all arranged by my Importer with the moving abroad shipping company.  Just another reason why it worked so well working with a company that was local here rather than where I started at.

Eight guys show up promptly at 7:45 and they take up their spots along the curb where the semi truck is going to park. They are holding the space. 

The truck arrives at 7:55, and the guys go to work directing traffic, helping get the truck parked, the numbers on the back of the container are checked against the shipping docs, the lock is cut, the seals are broken and we are off! 

I am jumping inside my skin so happy to have this getting done and have my stuff here. 

My doglets are less than happy at the moment.  They are both in crate and safely tucked out of the way in one of the spare bedrooms.

In thinking about them it’s kinda a shame to have to fill the house with furniture.  They have both been having so much fun running through the house sliding on the wood and tile floors and generally just being playful dogs.  

But….comfortable couch, arm chairs, a table to eat at, my own bed….

Yup, the furniture and the stuff is coming in and the doglets will manage to still have fun around it.

Let’s get this done!


Yay – a couch comes off, a bed, fridge, freezer, washing machine, treadmill, dryer, boxes, more boxes, more boxes, ohmygawd did I really bring that much stuff? 


What!? Who am I kidding? 


Of course I brought that much!  The shipping container was coming and paid for.  It wasn’t going to come with empty space! 


Any.  Empty.  Space.  As if.


The guys were really efficient and they unloaded the forty foot container in about 3.5 hours. 


If only I could get all the unpacking done that fast!  A girl can dream, right?


It took a few minutes to adequately instruct them to look at the colored stripe on the number labels on each box and put that box by the same colored piece of paper on the wall.  Did I mention I speak like maybe 10 words of Spanish?

We eventually all got on the same page and they willingly put the boxes in the appropriate areas.  This will make it SOOOOO much easier to get unpacked and organized

The only noted damage to anything was my dining room table; the legs got broken. Hurumph, Duncan Phyfe in original condition will now be refurbished and no longer original. 

The upside is I won’t have a second thought about painting it now! 

A mirror got broken. That’s okay the frame is intact and I have the other six I packed! 

And a roundel on the wood bed frame broke. Cleanly and repairable. 

Really not bad considering how much volume of stuff fits in a forty foot shipping container. I won’t know how the items in the boxes fared til I unpack. 

With all the packing materials we used, I am optimistic that there will be little damage to report. 

It should be noted that the guys unloading did not break anything. The items broken happened in transit. 

It was impressive and scary watching these guys work. 

They used no hand trucks, no lift gate, no ramp – nothing. 

And they are little. 

The biggest one was maybe 5’8 and a buck fifty, the little ones were shorter than I am (at 5’3”) and maybe 120 pounds? 

But work? 

Holy crap, people take note: these guys work! 

No complaining, no breaks, no standing around. 

I had to keep reminding them that there were cold drinks and snacks available. Even when one would finally accept something it was all please and thank you! 

Refreshing and much appreciated.


At the end of the day they each got a little “soda money” (which they more than deserved – did I mention work hard, efficiently and steady all the way through?) and they left at 1pm and off to lunch they went, work done for the day. 

And now my work begins…..where to start unpacking? 

Kitchen, closets…?

Definitely the kitchen

First I need to get the Daisy and Remington out of crate so they can inspect all that’s arrived.  Thankfully a lot of the smells will be familiar to them so it shouldn’t freak them out too much

And I need to walk Remington through everything so he can get his bearings and not run head first into all that he can’t see.

Comical as that is to watch it’s just not a good thing….

As much as moving is not fun and a lot of work I actually like moving because you get to create something new.  And I am looking forward to creating this new house space!

Now that all the stuff is here it feels different too.  Like this is actually pretty permanent and real. Or perhaps just more settled.  Being surrounded with my own belongings I know is going to be very centering for me. 

Read here to find out about the entire process of relocating to Ecuador:

What do you like or not like in the process of moving?  Have any tips to share?  Let me know in the comments below 🙂

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