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This is much easier done with the right tools – Here are some of the things I use that make my life easier, and help me create what I want in my life – perhaps they may help you too!


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Sometimes working with a Coach is needed – to get help, to work through things, to get help identifying what a problem is, to just get a kick in the backside that may be needed to get you moving.  I have been a Business & Mindset Coach for 25 years.

Not even sure what you need or want to do?

I get that too

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The BEST way to learn Affiliate Marketing

MyOnlineStartup (MOS) is a FREE course that covers ev-er-y-thing you need to understand, know and do to make money online with Affiliate Marketing

and its FREE

That’s right – you do NOT need to spend money to learn how or to start making money online.



Build Your List FAST!

Do you need leads?  Do you think starting a mailing list is terrifying?

How does getting 3000+ leads a month on autopilot sound?

With MLGS building a list is EASY ~ PEASY!



More than just Email!

 Keeping things simple is key when starting your business.  Too many moving parts just makes things confusing!

However, you still need softwares to DO the things that need to be done – so why not get ONE software that does a lot of it all in one place?

GetResponse is the answer to simplifying a LOT!

Email Autoresponder, opt ins, funnels, landing pages, webinars, marketing automation, eCommerce stores,  – even create your social media posts and videos!

GetResponse offers a free 30 day trial so you can check out all there is and take a few trainings too!


Put it HERE!

When you build out a blog or web site – it has to live somewhere = where you host matters.

SiteGround is fantastic – whether you want a simple blog,  a full fledged site, eCommerce or host your courses – it doesn’t matter what you want to do – you can do it here

And the customer service and help is GOOD!


Create What You Want

 Website, store, shopping cart, landing pages, full sales funnels, magazines – you name it  – you can create it with the DIVI Builder

Then add the BLOOM plugin for easy and simple email opt in and lead generation forms, pop ups, widget areas, fly ins and….

And of course you want Social Media buttons, sharing, and to get your site seen right?  Simple with this Monarch plug in

Drag and drop simple – all of it together in one place 

Creating your site doesn’t have to be hard and you don’t need a designer!



One of the best things you can do for yourself and for your business is to get someone ELSE to do what you don’t like to do or are not good at doing.

Yes, ofcourse you are a smart cookie and you can figure it out – eventually.  What’s your time (and sanity) worth?

Getting help and someone else to do the things that are a time suck for you let’s you DO what you are good at and enjoy doing.

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