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So you’ve decided on the theme / niche you want to work in, you’ve decided on the offer (s) you want to promote affiliate links, you have everything in place to do that (your system of opt ins, landing pages, funnel, autoresponder, content, emails etc), and you are ready!


now what?

Your beautiful, well designed, properly key worded and visually appealing landing page is getting no visitors…..crickets…..

It doesn’t matter how many times you check your analytics – it’s the same thing – NO ONE is clicking on your page

Yup, that’s what happens for most – especially those that buy into the (constant) marketing from high pressure sales types who keep sending out all that ‘magic button’ type crap – just use THIS software and you will get_____, just do THIS one thing and you will get _____ , THIS software will get you free and automated traffic with no effort….blah blah

The thing is without a solid PLAN on HOW to get people to see your stuff it’s ALL a big fat waste of time and money

So how do you create that plan?

well, that depends…..

Like all things there are many options and any number of combinations

So let’s look at the basic ways to promote affiliate links

1  Attraction Marketing – this is generally ‘free’ traffic and it’s GOOD traffic – it takes time and commitment to get it – this can be done on social media and in person – it’s a matter of putting the positive about YOU and what you are doing out there for people to see without specifically ‘selling’ anything and then generating conversations with people who reach out to you (to ask about what you are doing) – this can also be called Curiosity Marketing

2  People you know – reaching out to friends, family, colleagues, and other associates that you already know and letting them know what you are doing, and or asking them to support you – this is great and not great – depends on what you’re doing and how you do it – no one likes the person who is constantly trying to sell them something and on the other hand it can be a fantastic way to start getting the word out – in my experience this works best to do AFTER you are already having some success then you can notify people and say to them something like….this is what I am doing, if you know anyone who would be interested please pass my contact along to them…or…do you know anyone who would be interested in learning how to make some addition income like I am?…vs……I am selling stuff on line do you want to get in or buy?

3  Social Media Posts – Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, etc – this is free – and can be fantastic or not – depends on who is following you and what channel – for instance if you are on FaceBook and generally have friends, family, colleagues as your friends and followers and you usually post about your home remodeling, where you go, the family etc and then you start posting offers about things people can buy, it will probably get you NO good response…..on the other hand if you post on FB about getting ahead, retirement, laptop lifestyle and then add in an occasional offer it may work out just fine, similar to Instagram or other sharing type sites. 

4  Pinterest  – this is a visual search engine and can be a game changer – if you do it right.  Randomly putting affiliate pins out there with no strategy, and or without setting up your profile and boards correctly is a waste of time.  However, if you do it right?  Pinterest can be a gold mine of traffic.   

5  Paid Ads on Social Media – this is good and not good – depends on your skill level – and frustration level tolerance – FB is challenging for most because what they allow and don’t allow constantly changes, is unclear and makes pretty much no common sense – however, once you ‘get it’ then this can work really well – or if you have the money and can afford an ads manager (with a proven track record) then this is easier – there is a steep learning curve for most who go this route.  Pinterest, InstaGram and other channels also work well, and have their own learning curves.  You can get started with this type of marketing for low amounts of money – the key to that is STARTED – to get any real amount of traffic using this method you are going to SPEND a bit of money.  Don’t kid yourself that you’re going to spend $5 and get enough people that you will sell anything fast.  Most spend hundreds or thousands before seeing any real results.

6  Paid Ads on Search Engines – SEM (Search Engine Marketing) or Paid Search Marketing – Google, Yahoo, Bing etc – this is paid ads, paid listings, et al – good and bad – again a learning curve – Bing is where I would go – they are easier to deal with, have less restrictions and your money goes farther.  As a plus in this type of marketing – you can frequently get a coupon for free ad credits so it doesn’t hurt to try it out – when it’s free why wouldn’t you?

7  Social Media Influencer Marketing – you pay an influencer to talk about you / your product in the hopes that their followers will then also follow you or check out your product

8  Paid Traffic – you pay someone with a big following to get them to get their people to visit your site, ad, pin, etc – this is good for getting click rates up and hit and miss for getting people to actually check out your offer – this can be a fast and relatively inexpensive way to gain social proof though (which may also lower the cost of your ads on Social Media Sites)

9  Solo Ads – you find someone with a larger email list who is willing to send an email with your offer to their list and then when those people click through it goes to your offer – this is generally one of the fastest ways to build a list – and can get expensive fast.  For instance let’s say that you are paying for 100 clicks  – that means the vendor will send out the email with your offer to their list until 100 people from that list have clicked on the link to your offer in the email.  There is no guarantee on how many of those people who click will actually sign up.  When I have done solo ads I got between 20-35% regularly – so for the sake of this example let’s say you get 25% of the people who click actually sign up.  So for the 100 clicks you get 25 sign ups (people who get added to your list).  The cost on that will vary – this morning when I checked the rates were mostly between .40 and .59 per click – so that 100 clicks would cost between $40 and $59 dollars = the cost of the sign ups is then $1.60 – 2.36 each.  That’s not bad – but will add up fast.  1000 sign ups would then cost $1600 – 2360 and so on

10  Joining Lead Generating Groups and or Services – this can be fantastic or not – some are great and inexpensive and some are really not good and very expensive – and all in between.  I belong to one that is fantastic and really inexpensive.  One thing to be aware of – and careful of – is to only participate in LEGAL lead generation.  There are laws about how you acquire leads – and just because someone has a list does not mean they can legally sell those leads to someone else (or multiples) of other people.  However, if the leads have opted in and done so in a way that allows for sharing then it can be a good and fast way to build a list fast

11  Lead Swaps – this is where two (or more) people who each have leads – that have opted in with the ability to share – swap leads.  For instance I have 1000 leads and you have 1000 leads – after the swap we each have 2000 leads.  Again this can be fantastic or terrible – depends on where and how its done.  This can also be free or really expensive

12 Responding on Forums, making comments on other people’s blog posts, YouTube videos etc – this is free – and time consuming – can produce good results if you do it in a way that is conversational, helpful etc – works best if you have a web site for them to check you out – can also be effective if you have a well done and engaged social media platform – not so good if you are only email list focused and have no where for them to go – some platforms will allow you to leave a link and some will not – so if say someone posts a question and you post a reply/comment that says something like…..Yes, that’s a good way of doing things, and in my experience I have had this____ result in doing it that way.  I have also had great results doing it this _______ way – and in there you leave a link to your product page, or a blog post about that etc.  Otherwise if you leave good comments / answers and people are able to click through to you on social media and you have been doing attraction type marketing they may then follow you and or message you to find out what you are doing

13 SEO – search engine optimization – this is how search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo etc will ‘find’ your content – this is something you should do regardless – it’s going to take some time – this is in no way instant or the only thing you should do

14  Bulletin Boards – in many communities there are popular places that host bulletin boards where you may put up a flier – Colleges, Community Centers, Cafe’s, Stores, Post Office or other meeting places – these can be busy and frequently checked places where it may be worth your while to put up fliers – and it’s usually free – so why not give it a try?

15  Collaboration – you can guest post, be a contributor to a round up post or event, do public speaking at an event, teach a class at a local event, do a giveaway, run a contest, be a guest on a podcast, get or host an interview etc – when you do something in collaboration with other people – especially people who have an audience already – then they will often promote the event which you will benefit from, and you may get some assumed notoriety from being ‘next to’ or with that person

16 Lead / Traffic Generating Sites / Coops etc – these are sites where you ‘earn’ the traffic – usually by watching other people’s ads or doing short tasks to earn points which you then use for free traffic.  Some work really well, and some are ohmygoodness a waste of time and energy

There are many ways to get traffic / people to see your stuff.  Some are free, some are paid, some are pretty close to instant and some take a long time.

The reason we are talking about traffic – is because determining how and where you get your traffic will partially help you decide what type of programs and services you need to get the sign ups or make your offers. And no matter how you decide to do affiliate marketing (DIY, DFY, DIYL) you will need to get traffic

For instance – if you are doing any type of marketing to people who are not on your list then you need to have an opt in where YOU capture the email / contact info before sending them direct to the offer which will probably have an opt in of its own

Now, put yourself in the shoes of that potential lead – if it is you and you see let’s say a post on FB that looks interesting and you click the link which takes you to a landing page that tells you enough that you know you want more information and so you then enter your name and email address (your opt in) – then that takes you to ANOTHER page where you have to enter your name and email (the vendor’s opt in page) – how likely are you going to be to do that?

Probably not, right?  I mean WHY would you need to put in your email twice to get the same thing?  BUT if you don’t add the opt in so YOU get that email address then all you have done is spend the time and or money to get that traffic to the opt in for someone else

There are 2 ways around that – if the person is already on your email list and you send them direct to an offer page and they have to sign up then it doesn’t matter because they are already on your list and you are going to keep them on your list.  Yes, they will then be on someone else’s list too – and if you have chosen the right offer that’s ok, because if they buy something in the future from that other person you are still going to get credit for it

Or if you use an offer that collects the mail contact FOR you then you do not need to have that additional opt in

OK so in the first circumstance where you have put a post up on FB and you need to capture that lead information YOU will need to create the landing page – so you will need a host and a funnel building software to do that.  You may be able to do that without having the person be required to do 2 opt ins – it depends on the vendor and if you can bypass their opt in – not likely or often but sometimes you can

In the second circumstance where the person is already on your list – you don’t need these because you can use the provided funnel from the vendor

Both work – its just a choice you need to make in HOW you build your business and what offers and types of software services you use. 

More on that in these posts where we discuss DIY, DIYL, DFY methods of how to do affiliate marketing:

Do It Yourself Affiliate Marketing – These Are The Tools You Need To Get Started

Are You Banging Your Head trying To Figure It Out? Try Do It Yourself Lite Affiliate Marketing It’s MUCH Easier!

Does Starting An Affiliate Marketing Business Seem Confusing?  Start With A Completely Done For You System to Massively Simplify The Process

In time you will probably want a means of collecting emails on your own regardless of how you start – but to start you may or may not want to have that learning curve and expense

So, how do you get leads to have an email list if you don’t do an opt in of your own?  You buy them = Solo ads or a service where you pay for leads

There are many options for both.  I use UDIMI for solo ads – I have used other services too and I like Udimi because I can see reviews, rates, ratings, where each vendor’s list comes from (what countries / Tier etc), the successes (or not) they have had, and I can message the email list owners directly vs having some unknown vendor.  Also as a pre note – every time I have purchased a run I get a discount coupon for my next run.  Joining UDIMI is free, so you can check it out and see for yourself how it works

To buy leads I use MLGS – this is a fantastic way for new people to get started and for people who are already established to build their list.  It’s pretty straight forward.  You get 100 leads every day for $30 a month = approx 3000 leads per month (depends on the month in Feb you will get 2800 and in months with 31 days you will get 3100).  3000 leads for $30.  Do the math on that after you check out the prices of doing solo ads

For me I think a combination of ways to get traffic is best – I do MLGS – a lead swap – Solo ads (when I want to test something), Attraction Marketing on FB, and pins on Pinterest, and I use this blog

I started with solo ads and spent a LOT of money – that was before I had learned about MLGS

In the beginning I recommend you pick 1 or 2 ways, get good at that, and get that working then branch out into other additional ways if and when you are ready and want to

I will add this – attraction marketing, pinning etc are all great – but – they can take a lot of time to do.  I use a pin scheduler so I only have to ‘pin’ once per week and then schedule all my pins to go out for the next week – optimal pinning strategy calls for 30+ pins per day and I don’t know about you but I do not have the time or the want to be on my computer for that long every day.  Also I get locked out of my FB account on a semi regular basis, I think they call it FB Jail – I have no idea why but randomly FB decides that I can’t do anything in FB.  In one month I was locked out of my FB account for 22 days in a row, allowed back in and a week later locked out again – during those locked out periods I was not able to comment, accept friend requests, write a post etc.

This is not the end of the world – but if I was relying on FB for all my leads, marketing etc it would put an end to my business while I was locked out..…and certainly any momentum you have is lost when this happens then you have to start over – people get ticked off when you don’t reply to their friend requests or DM’s in a timely manner – and when you get locked out you have no ability to respond or to tell then you will get to them when you are able to

Now that you have a better understanding of some ways to drive traffic to your offers so people may actually see your affiliate links you can make a better decision on HOW you want to build your business

There is NO one way to do this, and no right way for everyone.  There are as many variations as you can think of and that’s partly why it works so well.  You can customize your business to fit YOU and what you want to create for yourself

And remember this – Rome was not built in a day and neither will your business or the life you want to create be.  

No matter where you are NOW – you CAN have what you want and creating that is best done one action step at a time.  You CAN do this and it does NOT need to be overwhelming, confusing or create stress – at.all!

Need some help figuring it out?

Start with these posts to better understand Affiliate Marketing:

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Do It Yourself Affiliate Marketing – These Are The Tools You Need To Get Started

What methods have you  tried or do you want to try to drive traffic? 

Leave a comment below and let’s chat about it 🙂

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