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When you think about starting a new business – in this case we are talking about an online Affiliate Marketing business – then you have to determine HOW you want to build it

Yup, like so many things in Life there are MANY, many ways to do this and they all require different skills, ramp up times, investment, and…..

Options are fantastic – but – this is also where a lot of us get hung up too

Let’s take a look at a few different scenarios as to HOW you might get started with an online Affiliate Marketing business – just keep in mind this is not ALL the ways to do it – it’s just a few…..

  1. Purchased List + Email Marketing

Yup – just that simple – market via email

To do this you need an email list and something to sell

The something to sell is easy – you can sign up with LOTS of different networks or companies and then when you write your emails you chat about the benefits and features of these and add in a link.  To do this well, you will need to provide some VALUE to your list as well.  You can do trainings, share how to’s, give away PDF’s etc.  It just wont work well if every single day you do nothing but send your list something to buy

To get the list – the actual people you will send those emails to – you will need to buy the leads from a service and you do not need to create an opt in or funnel

2.  OptIns + Email

In this model you would run traffic to your own opt ins or use solo ads to get the traffic to create a list (vs buying a list) and then you would use email campaigns to sell and provide value (like in #1 above) 

3.  Paid Ads to Affiliate Offers ONLY

Just as that sounds – there are people who run a model of constantly testing and running paid ads and they earn the commissions from the sales generated – they don’t worry about having to collect emails or do email campaigns

I know a few who do this and make very good money – to me this is a LOT of work without the benefit of creating an email list – and with this model when you stop running ads you are done making money.  Yes, some of the things you sell may have recurring commissions in which case you could potentially still have income coming in, however basically when you quit the income quits

4.  OptIns + Content Creation + Email

In this model you would have a means of providing content like a blog, YouTube Channel or even Social Media and create your own OptIns and then sell via email and links in your content and possibly ad revenue as well

OK – so you can see how by doing any of those four methods you either need or don’t need different softwares, different methods and so on

No one way is right or wrong – they each work – and there are more ways to do this also

It doesn’t matter which method you choose

You just need to choose a method before you get started so you know what you will need to focus on – and so you know what tools and services you do or don’t need

You might also choose to start with one thing, and then add another, and then add another etc

There’s no reason why you have to start with an everything at once way – or maybe doing everything at once is really best for you

Only YOU can know which is going to work for you

Take into consideration the learning curve, the ramp up time, the money needed to get the services, and perhaps the tech help etc – and then make your decision on HOW you want to build your business

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Just know it’s ALL doable.  And if you are confused now be grateful you are still in a learning and exploring stage and not actually knee deep in paying for things that you don’t need or that don’t work for you

Figuring out what you want to do and how to get started with an online affiliate marketing business BEFORE you jump in with both feet will save you a tone of time and headache – I promise!

So where are you in your figuring it out process?

Let me know in the comments below and let’s chat about it 🙂

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