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There’s a LOT of information online about traffic, affiliate marketing and making money online 


Completely understandable that it’s just CONFUSING!!!

I know when I was starting and trying to figure it all out there was so much information and it was really hard to understand what was actually needed.   And when you get affiliate marketing emails every day from so many different people selling products, courses and training and they are all telling you that if you JUST do this ONE THING then you will for sure make a ton of money……

Yeah, it’s hard to navigate through all of that

In this post, let’s move in the direction of how to do this in a Do It Yourself Lite (DIYL) way 

DIYL? What does that mean?

It’s taking all those needed tools we talked about in this post and instead of getting software and trying to figure out how they work, how to get them to work together, creating your own opt-ins, and then creating your own web pages/landing/sales pages, etc instead you use things that other people have created

 This is different than complete DFY (Done For You) which we chat about in this post  

 It’s different because in DIYL there are still some pieces you will have to join the dots on or do yourself – just not ALL of it

 As we go through these possibilities you will see that some of these programs can be used as stand-alone offers, part of a total system you create, or even as a DFY depending on how you use them

 For the sake of having something to actually look at as examples we will first chat about how a DIYL system could work, then we will look at a few specific companies.  Then you will have enough information that as you are looking at things you have something to compare to

 So let’s take a look at how this may work…..


The tools you need to create an affiliate marketing business are:

 1) an opt-in – the free thing you give away to get someone to join your email list

 2) an opt-in page/funnel – where the person actually enters their contact info

 3) an email autoresponder

 4) additional sales funnels – where you send people after they opt-in – so they may buy or subscribe to what you are offering

 5) payment processor / checkout function

 6)  domain and professional email address

 7) traffic – how and where you get the people who will actually see your products and or opt-ins


We know we need to start with a means of collecting emails/contacts – so you need an opt-in and an opt-in a funnel.

 There are several ways you can create that yourself or you can subscribe to programs where the opt-in and the funnel are already created and that allow you to keep the contact info

 With a DIYL approach, you would then need to subscribe to an autoresponder and send out your emails.

 Using an already created funnel is a quick and easy way to get started and allows you to actually get started without needing the learning curve of how to create funnels and good opt-in collateral on day one

 Yes, you should learn how to do both of these things – and you can, in your time and comfort level if you start with someone else’s already done products

 So let’s look at 2 examples of the opt-in and opt-in funnel being done for you:

 5iphon is a free resource (and yes that’s spelled correctly).  You sign up, and then use the same page that you will see when you click on this link.  When people ‘sign up’ you get to keep the email contact.  You don’t have to create the opt-in a funnel, and this system has a built-in list building function because the first 5 sign-ups are shared with the person you signed up under  

 So when you sign up, then get people to sign up under you then you get 5 of their leads which in turn builds your list too

 Basically you can offer this to people as a means of them being able to build a list for free – that’s the opt-in and the opt-in funnel done for you


Here’s an overview of what you get with 5iphon:

  • you get a free pre-made web page / opt-in 
  •  you get to keep the contacts that sign up
  • they provide you with a few pre-done ads/banners that you can use if you want to in social media, or you could pay to post these ads somewhere, or if you already have a blog you could use these ads on your site 
  • there are 3 pre-written email swipes that you can use in your email marketing
  • there is some brief ‘training’ which is more of an overview on how you can use ad swaps or solo ads to generate some traffic to this page

 There are 5 upsells that you do NOT need to do to use this system but that could help you make money and use this as a sales funnel too

The Free version gives you the prebuilt opt-in page, with the ability to capture leads/contacts.  You can then either have these leads saved in their site until you are ready to move them out or you can connect this system directly to an autoresponder (like GetResponse). With the free version, you do not get paid if any of the people who sign up through your page buy any of the upsells. You do keep their contact information regardless

5iphon could be used as both a sales funnel and opt-in funnel if you wanted to.  To do that you would need to purchase the PRO version with a one time fee and consider the other upsells that allow more ways of adding additional offers, getting traffic, etc


This next option is one that fits both the DIYL and DFY models – depending on how you use it – MOS – MyOnlineStartup

This a free online training system that teaches traffic and how to do easier affiliate marketing. When someone signs up you get to keep their contact information and then transfer that to an autoresponder

They even have a program where they will set up the techy stuff for your autoresponder FOR you – at NO cost – I know, right?  I wish I had known about that when I was getting started…

I think this is a fantastic system and definitely, if I were choosing between MOS and 5iphon, hands down I would use this (but really you could use both)

MOS = free to sign up and free training – so offering this to people is great – it’s free – who doesn’t want free training, right?

You can also make some money with this even as a free member

There are higher-level paid versions available too. Each level has more in-depth training all the way up to one on one coaching.  One of the BIG benefits of this training is that in the FREE version it includes a live weekly coaching call and a forum where you can ask questions and get answers.  This is a HUGE plus.  Having people to ask questions to is PRICELESS when you are trying to figure it out!

If you are a free member and someone buys one of these higher levels of training then you will get paid a commission and there are other ways to earn built into the site as well

This is a good deal for you with a free membership – you get a great opt-in funnel provided for you, you get to keep the contacts and you have the opportunity to maybe make some money too = win-win

Another reason I think this is a fantastic program for new or semi-new people is when you are ready to get an autoresponder, and or build a blog then they will do the set up for you – yup, they will do that techy crap for you – for free

Do you have to do this?  Nope – you can just sign up for the free account (I recommend you do anyway because the free training is good) and you can use this as an opt-in a funnel and understand you might also make some money if someone buys the upgraded training

MOS works in a DIYL way by being your opt-in a funnel (with the possibility of an occasional sale) and then you need to move the contacts you collect into an autoresponder

MOS works as a DFY program when you are ready to do an autoresponder and or a blog and get them to set it all up for you – then when people sign up to MOS they are automatically put in your autoresponder

It’s worth you taking a look at and seeing how it all works out – and the training included is free 🙂

When you use either 5iphon or MOS as your opt-in and opt-in the funnel you will need to connect an autoresponder and you need to get traffic to those opt-in funnels

An easy way to both get traffic and to be able to email your leads is to combine MLGS + 5iphon or MOS or use BOTH 5iphon and MOS


With MLGS you get 100 leads a day, and an internal emailing system.  You could email these leads the offer to go to 5iphon or MOS  (or other easier affiliate marketing programs).  Yes, you already have their email adds so this would not build your list.

It would allow you to use 5iphon as your sales funnel (if you did the PRO upgrade).  Although these people are already on your MLGS list, if they sign up with 5iphon and then grow their list – you get added leads to your list too. So they build your list for you

When you email from MLGS to MOS then again you already have those leads, so MOS won’t be an opt-in a funnel for you (because you didn’t need that you already have their contact) it becomes a sales funnel for you


Let’s chat about MLGS for a minute – this is truly the fastest and easiest way for anyone to get started in easier affiliate marketing because it combines traffic/leads and an internal mailing system.  

You then need to have offers to send them in the emails.  You can offer MLGS, 5iphon, MOS and any other offer from other marketplaces (like ClickBank, etc).  Because you already have the leads you don’t need to fuss with an opt-in the funnel at all

Now the mailing system inside MLGS is pretty basic.  You can send an email to your list once per day, you can’t segregate the list, etc.  However, when you are getting started it’s all you need.  You can do this and start making money, build your list and then switch to an autoresponder when you are making the money to pay for it.  That way you don’t go out of pocket and or spend a bunch of time trying to figure it all out.  Using MLGS lets you get started and earn while you learn 

There are a lot of programs like these.  Some fantastic, some not so much. Just go chat with my friend Google and check a few out then trust your instinct (and don’t pull out your credit card – you just don’t need to) 

Hopefully in seeing different types of things that are available and that may help you get started, aren’t expensive, and don’t require you to do from scratch it will help you see ways that you can get started

What programs you use or types of things you sell and offer depends on HOW you want to build your business and how you will get traffic to them

For me – I think when people are getting started the easiest thing is to use programs that other people create to put together your system.  As you make money then you can expand into systems that you create yourself.   Unless you are a talented copywriter, web designer, etc then why start from a place where you have to learn ALL that just to start?


Of course, you can do this however you want

I tried.  For me, those first 2 years were a nightmare and really, really expensive.  When did I learn about programs like these and I realized I didn’t have to build funnels, build web pages, and all the rest?  Ohmygawd!  Everything got easier and easier and I actually started making progress. It didn’t take long before I had real income coming in.  No, it was not instant and yes there is still a learning curve

Using programs like these allowed me to start, to learn, to make some money in the process and to have the ability to figure it out without pulling my hair out or adding to my already stressful life

Making money online is magical.  And it’s not as hard as it seems

Really.  It’s.  Not.

Not sure where to start?

Check out these posts: 

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Once you get a system in place so you can get started, and continue to learn and add as you go then things do start to gel, to make sense and as it evolves you can more easily expand and scale

It doesn’t have to be complicated – and really even as you scale it doesn’t have to be.


This all goes back to what are you creating?  


For me, I wanted a business that was simple, didn’t require all my time or energy and that would work around my life – not – be my life


Trying to wrap your head around all the moving and constantly changing parts is HARD


Keep things as simple as you can – then – add more IF you want to once what you start with is working


Know this too – no matter if you start with a DIY, DIYL, or DFY type of system you can always change that later.  And you should because you as a person and your business both are going to evolve as you learn, as you do and as you earn

There is no ONE way to do any of this.  That also means there is NO one right or wrong way to do any of this 

The only thing that matters is what will work for YOU


Does getting started look easier and a little more manageable using some done for your components?


Let me know in the comments below and let’s chat about it 🙂


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