What Is The Cost Of Living? Can I Afford To Live There? Cuenca Ecuador Is As Affordable As It Is Charming And Rich In Heritage

Cuenca Ecuador is a rich and colorful town.  With it’s cobblestone streets, restored buildings and the what seems like constant festivals Cuenca is a fascinating city. But what does it cost to live here? What is the real cost of living in Cuenca? Not surprisingly as...

Temporary Residency Visa, Permanent Residency Visa, Investor, Retiree, Work Or ???? This Is Why You Need A Visa Agent to Guide You Through This Process

How to get your Extended Visa seems to be an issue of much debate with Expats here in Cuenca.  However, debate or no debate getting your Extended Visa done correctly is just something that has to be done.      Whether you are wanting a 90 day Extended Tourist...

Welcome! A Brand New Green-Go Doormat For This New Gringo! At Least The Dogs Can Wipe Their Paws Now!

Welcome Come on In! So at my new house in Cuenca Ecuador I have two doors that go to the outside.  A front door and a slider to the yard where Daisy and Remington my two, big, dogs go in and out many many times during the day. In the shipping container, I have a...

Positive Abundance ~ Create the Life You Want


Having a positively Abundant Life is about filling your life with what makes you happy and sparks joy.  Good food, travel, DIY projects, a comfortable home, my dogs and enough money to support the way I want to live creates positive Abundance in my Life.  Meditation, EFT, beautiful surroundings and variety of activities allow me to stay the track when Life gets inconvenient ~ which lets face it – happens.

What fills your Life with positive Abundance?



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