At Home With The Dogs

Welcome! A Brand New Green-Go Doormat For This New Gringo! At Least The Dogs Can Wipe Their Paws Now!

Welcome Come on In! So at my new house in Cuenca Ecuador I have two doors that go to the outside.  A front door and a slider to the yard where Daisy and Remington my two, big, dogs go in and out many many times during the day. In the shipping container, I have a...

DNA Test Kits: Now That I Have Adopted Remington And Daisy It’s Time To Find Out What Breeds Of Dog They Are

As both Daisy and Remington came from Rescues without any real medical history it was not known with any certainty what they were.  What breeds of dog are they? The rescue thought Remy might have been a Tervuren. Daisy was assumed to be a Labrador, and what else they...

My Shipping Container Arrives Today In Cuenca. After Almost A Month Of Waiting It’s Time To Unpack And I Am Excited!

The shipping container is here today! The perfect start of the New Year!!!!  It’s been a what seems like ohmygawd foreevveerr wait!  The shipping container arrived in Guayaquil almost a month ago! You can read about the entire process of deciding what to bring,...

Counting The Days For The Shipping Container To Get Here While Keeping The Dogs Happy In An Empty House

I am here.  Finally.  Actually I have been here about a week now. My dogs, Daisy and Remington, arrived a few days after I did and we are adjusting to life in this new place and new house You can read about Daisy and Remington's Travel here: Moving With Dogs Can Be A...
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