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I love to cook – I am one of those people that enjoys reading cook books like novels, eating something delicious in a restaurant then recreating it at home, I rarely follow a recipe, I am more of a dump and pour with whatever I find in the fridge kinda girl…. 


That’s great in the kitchen….but….that way of doing things in your business can lead to disaster – fast – and with a BIG bill left on your credit card


 ask me how I know…..


Without a plan affiliate marketing works just about as well as trying to bake a cake without an oven



In creating an online business, and with any business really, it’s best to have a plan and that comes from understanding where you are going (the end game) and in understanding the components and tools you need to get there



Like in any business, building an online business (in this case we are talking about an affiliate marketing  business) is best and easiest when done in stages.  Yes, you could attempt to go from point A to Z in one big step.  Good luck to you on that!  



For most doing this in a logical bite sized manner is better because it is FAR less expensive, you can learn as you go, it doesn’t require as much time, and you can start to make some money which will then pay for the upgrades, the expansion etc



 Now, if you have a LOT of money and time and want to do the whole enchilada to start with be my guest.  I wish you the best – really I do!  It’s a lot to pay for and to learn – and you just don’t need to do that



So, what are the tools and components you need?


1  you need to have the product or service (for the sake of this post we are going to assume you are offering a digital product as an affiliate)


2  you need to create an opt in to get people to subscribe to your email list, and that relates to the types of products you will offer


3  you need to create a webpage to capture the contacts / leads (opt ins / landing page) 


4  you need to have a program to email those contacts from (autoresponder) 


5  you need to create the sales funnel where your offer will be presented (sales page, up sells, down sells, checkout, thank you and product delivery)


6  you need to create the emails and content that you will send to the contacts you get from your opt in 


7  you need to have a system in place to collect money when people buy and so you can get paid 


8  you need to identify people and somehow get them to actually see your offers so hopefully they will opt in (traffic) 


9  a blog, YouTube Channel, Membership Site, online Courses etc = NOT needed to start – this is something to add later IF you want to 


Easy peasy!  Right?



Not as simple as you thought it would be? 



 No worries – most of that is done with softwares and once you get them set up it’s not as ‘big’ as it seems



 However – the challenge is often in choosing the RIGHT software and then in getting the different softwares to play nice with each other


Here are the types of Softwares that are needed to get started: 



  • autoresponder – how you will send emails to the people who opt in to your list
  • hosting – for the sales funnels, opt in pages, etc
  • page builder software – where you create the opt ins and sales funnels
  • payment processor
  • domain name and professional email
  • email service




And you will need to create the actual thing you give away (opt in), and the content that you will send in emails, freebies etc 



That sounds easy right? 



You can purchase and subscribe to all that, and try to learn how to create it, how to build it, how to get the different softwares to talk to each other and how to work  = complete DIY – do it yourself   



You can use systems that are already built and already working together = DFY – done for you



You can use individual components that are already created, hook them together and use these to create a system = DIYL – do it yourself lite 



 All three ways of doing this will work



 You can learn about each of these methods here:



Do It Yourself Affiliate Marketing – These Are The Tools You Need to Get Started


Are You Banging Your Head Trying To Figure It Out?  Try Do It Yourself Lite Affiliate Marketing It’s MUCH Easier!  


Does Starting an Affiliate Marketing Business Seem Confusing?  Start With a Done For You System To Massively Simplify The Process



The question is price, time, and learning curve 



Complete DIY is the most expensive and will take the longest to learn and get it to work.  Now you may want to head in that direction as you learn and get a handle on how this all works and works together – or you may find that doing it with a DIYL or DFY approach works just fine too



A complete DFY approach is about using a system that is already created that has opt ins, funnels, products, and the softwares that handle all that and the actual materials needed – best if this system allows you to offer the system itself AND other products – and it should include training on how to use the system, how to integrate other products, how to get traffic etc.  This is the fastest way to get started but usually requires an up front payment to buy into the system



Using a DIYL system is about using made for you components then connecting them – the opt in and sign up funnel is created for you – you then upload the leads into an autoresponder, etc – in this system you will need to connect components vs having them already connecting as in the DFY



Costs on all of these varies a LOT.  One you get a clear understanding on what’s needed, AND you have a very clear picture on HOW you want to build your business AND what type of business you are going to build THEN you can make a good decision 




Whichever type of system you decide to do you should have the opportunity to send emails once you get leads and build your list whether you want to do that from the start or add that later.  The sooner you start doing this the happier you will probably be



Regardless of which method you use you may want to get a domain, and create an email that relates to that domain.  I take that back – you WILL want to do this.  Will as in NEED to do this.



name @ yourdomain . com (vs) name @ gmail . com   or something similar (had to put spaces in that so it didn’t link to something random) 



You are creating a BUSINESS and you need to look like one.  



And then there’s traffic – how do you actually get people – and importantly – people who are interested in the type of thing you are offering to see your offers?



Traffic is something that can be horrifically challenging or really simple



Both horrific and simple can be very costly



Or it can be really easy and not expensive too 



It’s good to have options, yes?   



You can read about Traffic Basics here




Making money online is a great idea – and it is completely doable




Affiliate Marketing works a charm when you have a plan and get the right tools and systems in place for the way you want to build your business without all that OTHER stuff you just don’t need for what you want to accomplish 



Just go into this with a clear understanding – there is no magic button or instant software that is going to turn on a money faucet – it takes time, and some work to build an affiliate marketing business



The time will go by in your life rather you do it or not  



If you start building an online Affiliate Marketing business now then where might you be in a month, six or a year?



What would be different in your life if you created an online affiliate marketing business?  



Let me know in the comments below and let’s chat about it 🙂






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