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Does starting an affiliate marketing business seem just too damned hard or like HOLY CRAP!!!??   All those pins you’ve seen, videos you’ve watched and blog posts you’ve read said this was EASY so why are you now finding out there are actually a whole freaking lot of things that you have to do????

Yeah….I hear you

I was there too – in spades 

There are a lot of moving parts and figuring out how they all work or even which parts you need can be a real mind bend

And it can be pretty simple too

BUT – remember – you are smarter than the average bear and NO you are not going to have a money making anything in 10 minutes that you set and forget and money just rolls in

It does take some work, some knowledge, and some ongoing figure-it-outing

One of the ways to simplify, especially when you are starting out is using a Done For You System – where all those moving parts are included in one place, under one umbrella and where it’s provided for you

So, today let’s look at how you can get started with everything done for you – yup –

What is everything?

  1. the opt in – the thing you will give away
  2. the opt in funnel
  3. email autoresponder
  4. email swipes
  5. additional emails, eReports and materials are created for you so you have something to send to people after they subscribe to your list
  6. Training

When you use a completely DFY type of program where the System is created for you then you could be up and running in a very short amount of time  

There are a few differences in using a DFY and a DIY system:

  • with a DIY system you usually have several components/softwares that you need to subscribe to, learn, set up and manage

  • you need to build out your own funnels

  • training is hit and miss because each individual component you use will (probably) have training for it specifically – but – those trainings may not be congruent with each other and often leads to MORE confusion not less

  • support is like the training – available for each component but not available in conjunction with the others – that’s up to you to figure out

Now don’t get me wrong here – starting your business in a DIY or DIYL manner is not bad and is not terrible to do.  It really depends on YOU

How techy are you?  Do you like or hate the figure-it-out part?  Do you have a good grasp on how each component works and how it will work with the others?  Are you a good copy writer?  Do you understand the physical aspects of building funnels and the psychology behind the copywriting?

And how much time are you giving yourself to figure it out, get it set up and to start actually doing it?  

Not sure which way is right for you or what that all means?  Check out these posts first and then come back to here:

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There is no right or wrong in this

And…..let’s be clear that we are talking about a DFY SYSTEM not a Program

huh?  what’s the difference?

A Program in this context is a company that may have either itself or other companies that it has available for you to market and sell.  There may be some training too but there is no SYSTEM in place for you to use to actually do that

The Program will be missing all or a large part of what you need to actually DO this.  No opt in materials, no funnels provided, no autoresponder, no follow up materials, etc

It doesn’t mean the Program is bad – it’s just not what we are talking about here

Is it really a system, or is it a course or are you just expected to pay them for the pleasure of being able to do their marketing for them?

Yes, many programs will have JV/Affiliate marketing business materials set up and ready for you so if you go that route you will probably have the sales funnel done for you – but probably not an opt in funnel, or any way for you to follow up (autoresponder)

If you are new to this just be CLEAR on what you are subscribing to or buying before pulling out your credit card

Ok, so now that you know what all is needed to get started and you are wondering if you want to build out your systems or have them done for you let’s take a look at one DFY System as an example:  Patric Chan’s Elite (CBPE)

In a nutshell this DFY program includes:

Training – on how to use the system, affiliate marketing business in general, how to monetize your list, how to find and choose offers, ways to promote your offers, how to do solo ads, how to create and sell your own products using PLR content, ways to get traffic (Solo ads, FB, Bing, YouTube, etc), how to do email marketing, and sales funnels

There are 3 offers that are completely Done For You = 3 complete opt in funnels.  The entire process of opt in through funnel and where YOU get the lead and it goes into your choice of an included autoresponder – or – you can connect an outside autoresponder (like GetResponse)

These are GOOD opt ins: software, eBook, training webinar

ALL the content in these 3 funnels is done for you – all you have to do is put in your affiliate link

Internal in this system are the web pages, link tracker, email swipe files (200 + emails where you just add your affiliate links in 10 subject types -affiliate marketing, FB Messenger, free book offers, PLR, product creation, resell rights, self publishing, social media, traffic generation, etc), a content creator – 50 pre written reports and mini eBooks that are branded to YOU and where you just input your affiliate links and then it’s ready for download and sharing, and an autoresponder so you can email your leads

CBPE is created by Patric Chan – he’s a super affiliate marketing businessman and a top seller at ClickBank – and he’s just a normal nice guy.  He is NOT a flashy, look at me I am so cool type of guy – at all – he’s just a regular guy who figured out how to do this thing 

This program does a fantastic job of teaching you HOW to do this, AND it has everything you need to DO it included in the system

So, what are the bad – the not so good – about it?

Really, the only thing that I think can be a less than happy is that Patric has an accent (its not bad).  There are a few places in the training videos where I needed to rewind for a few seconds

Overall, I really think this is the easiest all in one program there is out there.  One of the things that sets this program apart is that you can offer other programs.  This is not a purchase a program to only be able to sell the same program 

Customer Support is good.  It’s a submit a ticket help system and they get back to you within a day and often the same day.  There is also a FB Group where you can pop in and get quick questions answered or chat about ideas etc. But seriously, the training walk throughs are super simple and easy to follow.  I can’t imagine why you would need to ask for help simple

You can literally be up and running in a few minutes. It will take like 5 minutes to type the required information in to get ‘set up’ 

If you go through the how to use this system Module 1 Trainings – this might take you 2 hours

There are 13 videos (5-15 minutes each) and 1 recording of an hour long coaching session.  Depending on what you already know and understand you may or may not want to watch all of the videos that are in Mod 1, there are a lot more in the other 4 Mods and you can (and should) do those as you have time 

You do not need to do these other modules to actually START – this will NOT take you days/weeks/months to get through and be able to actually start doing this

The additional modules cover ways to get different types of traffic, and some more advanced marketing.  You can go through these as you have time 

To use this system you do NOT need to buy anything else – everything is included

However there are 2 things you MAY want to do one of which you should do no matter HOW you choose to build an online business

Get a domain and an email address so that you have a professional email not a gmail/yahoo/aol or whatever email .  One of the Mod 1 videos is on how to do this

You may also want an external autoresponder.  At some point you will.  You do NOT need one to get started with this system.  You get a credit of 10,000 to start with the internal auto responder provided in this system so you can make some money before you have to spend the money on an autoresponder

GetResponse offers a free 30 day trial  so you could start with the included auto responder then switch to GetResponse for the free 30 days after you get to the point where you have used the 10,000 credits included and once you have enough opt ins to make sense to switch, and then you would start paying for the auto responder. You don’t need it to start so why spend the money before you need to?

The only thing that is not included in this system is traffic – like all programs – you have to figure out how to get people to SEE your offer

TRAINING on how to get traffic is included in this program  

And remember we talked about MyOnlineStartup?  There is good training on how to get traffic, and how to do email campaigns etc in that program too – and that training is free

The easiest way to start is to use MLGS.  Send the 3 included offers to the leads you get through the MLGS included mailing system, then as they opt in to this program, then you can send them offers through the auto responder in the CBPE program.  Use the pre written 200+ emails, and you can send them free reports that you create through the included content creator too  

If you started with MLGS you could literally start in less than 24 hours with actual leads.  Not just start trying to figure out how to get leads

Solo ads are also a fast (but more expensive than MLGS) way to get people on your list fast 

There is a good amount of training included in this program on other ways to get traffic that are both paid and free so you can learn more ways of doing this as you go along

I like this program and think its a great way for people to get started because literally everything you need is truly included.  Once you get your links input ( a few minutes seriously) then you are ready to go with 3 fully automated funnels that all give good and valuable items to people as an opt in.  These opt ins also appeal to different types of people.  Then once people opt in, they are on your email list and you have emails already written for you to use to follow up, then promote to

It will take you a little time to input the pre written emails into the included auto responder.  It’s easy to do and you can start with a few, then add more as you go.  Once its set up its done and you don’t have to keep going back to screw with it

Also, as a reminder:  when you get ready to have an external autoresponder and you sign up for a free account with MyOnlineStartup they will set it up for you (at no charge)

It really doesn’t get any easier than that

Simple and Easy

You see?  Getting started can be done quickly and painlessly

The real key in being successful and making forward progress is to pick ONE way to start, and do that until you are good at it before you add anything else

Trying to do too much all at once is where most fail because there is no progress, it costs a lot of money, and they get frustrated and then quit

Usually after pulling all their hair out and spinning in circles – literally

This isn’t as hard as it might seem – once you get a system in place and then just start doing it

Between the DIY, DIYL and DFY models does one appeal to you more than the others?

Let me know in the comments below and let’s chat about it 🙂

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