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Hi!  I’m V

Not long ago, I made the switch from working too damned much to living on my terms, working far less and really enjoying life.  In a way that I had not even realized I wasn’t until I had to look at the fact that I wasn’t.  Know the feeling?

Now, my mission is to help other’s find the same freedom in their lives so they can live this magical life of abundance too

Not sure what or how to do it?

With so much information out there – that is completely understandable!

Maybe you think you want to do something creative, philanthropic, or heck – just make more money!

Maybe you want to get your time back, actually see your kid’s ball games, and have the ability to do fun things.

Maybe you want to quit your job, live or work location independently and have a lifestyle business.

Whatever it is – it’s doable!

In 2015 I decided I wanted a massive change in Life, or more accurately I decided to DO something about it:  work less or at least differently, have time and freedom to spend DOING things versus planning or dreaming about things, and to travel.  In 2017 I made the change – I moved with my two new dogs from  the Pacific Northwest to Cuenca, Ecuador.  I left the (life-suck) job, re homed my coaching clients and embarked on a new Chapter in Life.

Now I am in a place of Life where I have time to try some of those things that I have wanted to do for like ever, I am getting back to some of those healthy habits that had fallen by the wayside and starting some new ones, participating in interests and hobbies that there was just never enough time for or didn’t have time to explore the idea of and certainly had no consistency in when I was working.  We are adapting to a new place, culture and in many ways to myself and finding out who I am again or now, in this new Chapter of Life.

Basically I had to become my own client and re learn how to fill my own life with Abundance

Daisy and Remington – They rescued Me

Just a few months before I moved to Ecuador my beloved dog TallyHo died.  She had been by my side for 14 years.  It was devastating.  A few weeks later these two critters were brought to my attention.

Daisy is a lab mix who was used as bait for dog fighting.  After being thrown out of the back of a truck and then having another car drive over her, her previous owner didn’t take her to a vet for 6+ weeks.  By then it was too late to save her left fore leg and she required a full amputation.  Thankfully the vet confiscated her and Daisy was turned over to a rescue shelter in WA.  A few weeks later we adopted each other.

A few days before I learned of Daisy’s need for a new home, Remington was brought to my attention.  Remy is a full breed long and curly coated all black German Shepherd.  And he’s blind.  His previous owner abandoned him to a shelter in CA.  For some unknown reason the folks at the shelter never realized Remy was blind.  They thought he was a nice dog but had behavioral problems because he reacted in a sometimes startled or violent way to things that were suddenly in front of him or that he ran in to.  Ummm, hello?  He’s blind!  Remy was at the shelter so long he was put on a kill list.  Thankfully a rescue organization in WA picked him up.  Remy and I adopted each other a few months later.

After two meet and greets to make sure these two were compatible – they came from separate rescue groups – I was able to pick them up and bring them home.

We moved to Ecuador together a short time later.

These two dogs are my blessings.

Making choices that are good for you + filling your

life with happy = Abundance Funnels

One of the biggest benefits for me in making this change was the ability to re discover things I enjoy and to bring JOY back into my life.  Yes, there were many joyful moments and events but that TOTAL joy in life had been missing for a looong time. 

I worked 80 + hours a week, and my job had become toxic.  My relationships suffered, and my health was feeling the effects of prolonged stress, not sleeping well, constantly being on the go and…..

A number of things had to change:  I had to figure out how to make money online so I wasn’t in need of a j-o-b, and although I love working with clients and coaching I didn’t want to be stuck in a set schedule.  I still coach just not as much.  Most of my income now comes from online marketing.  Because of that I now get to spend more time mentoring which I love doing.

An overhaul of what I was eating was a definite MUST!  All those years of eating out, and or eating while I was working had definitely taken its toll.  Here in Cuenca eating well is easy.  There is an abundant variety of fresh fruits, veggies and locally grass pastured livestock etc.  And sooo many restaurants that it’s fun to just go try something new too 🙂

Now that Life has settled down, the change has been made and the move accomplished you can find me at the river park with my dogs, at one of the many, many festivals here in Cuenca, shopping at the mercado’s and feria’s, in the kitchen creating a new recipe, visiting somewhere new that I haven’t been (oh my I could do something every day and not get through my local area in a very loooong time!), attending a concert or show, or strolling through a gallery or museum.  Usually with a camera in hand, even if it’s just my phone because the Canon is just too big and bulky.

Some of the things I enjoy doing are photography, design work (mostly in spatial – interiors, gardens, organizing, apparel, and furniture), craft (painting, mosaic, sewing, crochet, bead work, reinventing furniture into new things), cooking and baking, pretty much anything I can figure out and create brings out the curious tinker in me.  I am an avid reader and am always enrolled in a class.  Well two classes, learning Spanish is a must and will be an ongoing thing for the foreseeable future.   I love music and theatre, and luckily here in Cuenca there are many (free and really inexpensive) venues for community theatre, symphony, jazz, flamenco, and good old classic rock and things in between.

DIY?  Yup, you betcha and lots of it please!

I am passionate about the creative process, exploring, creating a happy and healthy space and Life for myself and my fur-monsters and being involved in a constant state of learning.  It’s amazing to be in a place of Life where I can be childlike again and see my world with wonder, excitement and anticipate the what I don’t know and what’s to come.

Now my time is spent filled with things that lift me up and fill me with joy = my funnels are filled with Abundance

Your Life can be filled with Abundance too …….


You can Create the Life You Want


You can live a life you enjoy


it’s not as hard as you think

really – it’s easier than you can imagine

you know how I know?

I did it

and you can too!


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